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What we offer
We are able to organise days of special interest or can offer advice to those who prefer to organise their events themselves. Such events could range from lectures, morning or afternoon visits or full days/weekends, either in or outside London.

Possible themes
Here are some theme suggestions for your bespoke event:

The History and Architecture of London / The City of London
London is full of hidden treasures and architectural gems, as well as its famous museums and institutions. These can be discovered with Philippa and Sarah, who have a detailed knowledge of the history, architecture and social life of the City and the West End of London from medieval times to the present day.

Spirit of the Age — The Tudors and Stuarts/The Georgians/The Regency/Victorian England
Paintings, fashion, decoration and furnishings vividly bring to life the culture and aspirations of society in a particular historic period. The unrivalled collections of, for example, the Victoria & Albert Museum, The National Portrait Gallery and The Wallace Collection can be used to illustrate the fascinating history of the evolution of taste and style.

From Suburban Villa to Country house
There is a wealth of fine houses and collections on the outskirts of London and further afield, which can be used to illustrate a number of themes such as “The Country House and its Garden”, “The Patron and Architect”, “The Grand Tour and Collectors” and “The Evolution of the English Garden”.